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House Democrats – led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi – are on an impeachment witch hunt that must be stopped. Sign the petition to send a message to your representative that it's time for this witch hunt to end!
Speaker Pelosi has abused her power, misused House resources, and abused the hearing procedures of the US House of Representatives in the following ways:
  • Speaker Pelosi has hypocritically usurped the authority of the Executive Branch by meddling in foreign policy decisions made by the president in relation to the Ukraine.
  • Speaker Pelosi has weaponized the impeachment process by ordering Articles of Impeachment based on hearsay evidence and nothing else.
  • Speaker Pelosi has allowed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to facilitate impeachment hearings without allowing the minority party the right to subpoena witnesses, making the process completely unfair.
  • Speaker Pelosi has ordered the Judiciary Committee – the committee of jurisdiction for impeachments – to draft Articles of Impeachment without having held a hearing with ANY fact witnesses to the charges they have alleged against President Trump.
Speaker Pelosi has severely abused her power for the apparent purpose of damaging President Trump's chances in the 2020 election. Not only is this completely unfair to President Trump, it violates the will of the people and the votes that they cast in the 2016 election. Sign the petition to send a message to Congress to end this sham impeachment process now!